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Mindflex® makes that dream a reality!

Utilizing advanced Mindflex® technology, the wireless headset reads your brainwave activity. Concentrate ... and the ball rises on a cushion of air! Relax ... and the ball descends. It's literally mind over matter!

the object is simple

Navigate the ball through a mind-bending obstacle course as quickly as you can. With 9 customizable obstacles, you'll discover 100s of different combinations!


Mindflex® comes with the following components:

1 Game Console *

1 Headset *

4 Balls

3 Ring Towers

5 Rings

2 Maze Cages

2 Wall Panels

4 Shelf Panels

1 Funnel (3 pieces)

1 Cannon (3 pieces)

1 Teeter-Totter

1 Propeller Wheel

* Requires 4 'C' alkaline batteries for console and 3 'AAA' alkaline batteries for headset (Not Included).